esiRNA or Endoribonuclease-prepared siRNAs are a mixture of siRNA duplexes resulting from digestion of long double stranded RNAs with an RNaseIII family enzyme in vitro, to produce short overlapping fragments of siRNAs with a length between 18 to 25 base pairs. This heterogeneous mixture of short double stranded RNAs that all target the same mRNA sequence triggers highly specific and effective gene silencing. esiRNA provides researchers with a proven, cost-effective and simple way to perform RNAi screens.

esiRNA offers the following advantages:

  • heterogeneous mixture of esiRNA for each gene target provides effective and highly specific knockdown with lower off-target effects
  • primary screens can be performed quickly and cost-effectively for large RNAi screening studies

The SPARC human genome wide esiRNA archive covering > ~15,000 gene human gene targets is now available for screening. In addition, the Kinase Gene set, consisting of ~750 genes is also available for screening.

Additional gene family collections will be added shortly.

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