How to place an order:

SickKids investigators are REQUIRED to have an approved biosafety protocol before virus particles can be released.

External customers must provide documentation from their institution demonstrating approval to work with lentivirus before particles can be released.

Biosafety Protocol Application for Viral Vectors April 2012

SickKids SPARC pGIPZ Biosafety Application Form

  1. Contact Chris Fladd by email:
  2. Attach the SPARC Viral Particle Request Form  to your email
  3. Identify the specific clones you wish to be packaged into viral particles:i) for pGIPZ clones use the Open Biosystems Oligo ID i.e (V2LHS_72553)ii) for cDNA expression clone obtained from SPARC use the gene symbol-expression vector i.e. (Nedd4-pLEX-EmGFP-Dest)

    iii) for shRNA or expression clones not originally obtained from SPARC you must include a detailed
    description of the insert and the vector

  4. Provide the facility with plasmid DNA along with the signed ordering form

The Plasmid DNA

  1. The DNA should be delivered in a sealed 1.5 mL microtube, clearly labeled as described above, including concentration
  2. The DNA should be purified by maxi/midi columns. (mini-preps are not suitable)
  3. 50ug of DNA is required for each T-75 flask (10mL) vector prep. Concentration should be 1.0ug/uL

Picking up Viral Particles

  1. You will get an email message indicating the time to pick up your order
  2. Viral stock(s) will be stored at  -80 C  or 4 C at the request of the customer
  3. If determination of the titre is requested a minimum of five days is required after harvesting supernatant