Lisa Robinson, MD, FRCSC

Lisa Robinson photo

Dr. Lisa Robinson is the Division Chief of Nephrology at The Hospital for Sick Children, a Senior Scientist at the Research Institute at The Hospital for Sick Children, and a Professor in the Department of Pediatrics at the University of Toronto. Her research actively explores the mechanisms whereby chemokines modulate not only recruitment of leukocytes into sites of inflammation, but also the immune functions of leukocytes bearing the corresponding chemokine receptors. A complementary line of research focuses on the body’s natural anti-migration signals that can be harnessed to prevent excessive inflammation.

Research Staff:

Yi-Wei Huang
Research Associate, Cell Biology

Guang-Ying Liu
Research Technologist, Cell Biology

Sajeda Patel
Research Technician, Cell Biology

Bum-Soo Hong
Research Associate, Cell Biology

Natasha Jawa
Clinical Research Project Manager, Division of Nephrology

Current Trainees:

Matyas Hamar
Research Fellow, The Hospital for Sick Children

Vikrant Bhosle
Post-Doctoral Research Fellow, University of Toronto

Former Graduate Students & Post-Doctoral Fellows:

Lily Lu – MD Student, Wayne State University, Detroit, MI

Harikesh Wong – Post-Doctoral Fellow, National Institutes of Health, Bethesda, MD

Ilya Mukovozov – MD Student, University of Toronto

Johann Moritz Kaths – Resident, University Hospital Essen, Essen, Germany

Darren Yuen – Staff Nephrologist, St. Michael’s Hospital

Swasti Chaturvedi – Staff Physician, Department of Paediatrics, Christian Medical College, Vellore, India

Sajeda Patel – Research Technician, Cell Biology, The Hospital for Sick Children

Min Rui Crow – Research Associate, University of Toronto

Soumitra Tole – Paediatric Resident, University of Toronto

Anne Durkan – Staff Physician, The Children’s Hospital at Westmead, Sydney, Australia

Meeta Mallik – Staff Physician, Nottingham University, UK

Former Undergraduate Students:

Aisha Mohamed – Undergraduate Student, University of Toronto

Alex Leung – MD Student, University of Toronto

Anastasia Levinta – 2nd Year Medical Student, Faculty of Medicine, University of Manitoba

Danny Cen – MHSc Student in Clinical Engineering, Toronto Rehabilitation Institute

Deanna Chaukos – Psychiatry Resident, Massachusetts General Hospital

Erin Stout – Undergraduate Student, University of Guelph

Laura Latey Jones – Resident Physician, University of Maryland School of Medicine

Saba Tegegne – 4th Year Undergraduate Research Student, University of Toronto

Sasha Doodnauth – MSc Graduate Student, University of Toronto

Shirin Chahtalkhi – Pharmacy Student, Shoppers Drug Mart

Thenuka Thanabalasingam – Undergraduate Student, University of Toronto

Vathany Kulasingam – Clinical Biochemist, UHN Assistant Professor, University of Toronto