Our Approach

Our overarching strategy is to leverage genomic profiling to identify new targets, and to evaluate these targets in faithful models, which would allow for proper combination testing of new agents/strategies. The same models are used in genome wide screening, which can then be compared to primary human genomic data.

We first profile primary brain tumours, where we identify and validate prognostic, predictive and therapeutic biomarkers of paediatric brain tumours, which include but are not limited to genomic, epigenetic and integrative analysis in clinically annotated cohorts.
Appropriate model systems are identified and/or generated where preclinical testing is performed, usually in combination with established therapies. Unbiased genome wide screening of pre-clinical models are also performed using a variety of techniques including siRNA and CRISPR/Cas9 and outputs are compared to primary human genomic data.
We collaborate with groups globally where we aim to model biological heterogeneity of pediatric brain tumours, and leverage this heterogeneity to develop new targeted treatment approaches.