SickKids recently acquired a da Vinci SI from Intuitive Surgical for research purposes. With this recent acquisition, we have organized this Paediatric Urology Robotic Consortium to share ideas and collaborate on ongoing research efforts with a particular focus on robotics in paediatric urology (instruments design, approaches, and outcomes).

This will be a password protected forum open to anyone who wants to follow and/or contribute. Access to the site will provide you the opportunity to blog, post, share anything in relation to robotics in paediatric urology over a period of approximately six months. The hope is that this initiative will culminate into a working group that meets either annually or bi-annually for a round table discussion with focused dialogue, data analysis and a report production. The mission of the consortium is to take robotic research and training to the next level, and potentially develop a broader understanding on the progress of robotic surgery in paediatric urology and methods to enhance its utility.

For those interested, please email and she will provide you with an access username and password to the forum.

Thank you!