Graduate Students

  • Joanne Lau (Group Leader, Local Health Integrated Network, Ajax)
  • Ian Watson (Principal Investigator, McGill University Cancer Centre)
  • Jacky Chung (Scientist, Laboratory of Dr. Sachdev Sidhu, Donnelly Center, University of Toronto)
  • Jennifer Nugent-Wolter (Research Associate, SickKids)
  • Daniel Lustig (Surgical Resident, University of Ottawa)
  • Paulo De Gouveia (Family Physician)
  • Alex Seong (Post-doctoral fellow, Dana-Farber Cancer Institute (Harvard)/Broad Institute (MIT))
  • Pietro Sollazzo (Consultant, Deloitte)


Post Doctoral Fellows (PhD)

  • Dr. Alvaro Blanch (Secondary Science Teacher Candidate)
  • Dr. Fiona Robinson (Education Materials Manager, World Federation of Hemophilia)
  • Dr. Kelly Fathers (co-supervised with Dr. David Kaplan) (Global Scientific Director, Roche)
  • Dr. Monika Podkowa (Project Manager, Business Operations, Strategy and Accountability, Alberta Health Sciences)
  • Dr. Robin Hallet (Director, Head of Translational Sciences , Northern Biologics)


Post-Graduate Clinician-Scientists/Clinical Fellows (MD and MD/PhD)

  • Dr. Loretta Lau (Clinician-Scientist/Precision Medicine Program, Sydney Children’s Hospital)
  • Dr. Abha Gupta (Staff Oncologist, SickKids, Solid Tumour Section)
  • Dr. Paola Angelini (Staff Consultant, Royal Marsden, UK)
  • Dr. Nikolaus Wolter (ENT Staff Clinician Investigator, SickKids)
  • Dr. Daniel Morgenstern (Clinician Investigator, Head, NAIT Program, SickKids)
  • Dr. Katie Sullivan (Paediatric Nephrology Fellow, SickKids)
  • Dr. Karin Langenberg (Project Leader, Precision Medicine Program iTHER 2.0, Princess Maxima Centre, Netherlands)


Undergraduate Students

  • Marissa Hang (Family Physician, Toronto)
  • Xiao Zhao (ENT Resident and PhD Student, UHN, Toronto)
  • Ian Grant (General Surgery Resident, University of Ottawa)
  • Bryan Li (Paediatric Oncology Fellow, PhD Student, SickKids)
  • Deanna Chaukos (Psychiatrist/Clinician-Investigator, Mount Sinai Hospital, Toronto)
  • Zach Saadon (Banker)
  • Pietro Sollazzo (Consultant, Deloitte)
  • Ruoshi Shi (Scientist, Dren Bio, Inc.)
  • Jaclin Simonetta (Research Ethics Coordinator, Mount Sinai Hospital, Toronto)
  • Jackson Strike (Medical Student)
  • Nadine Tan (Student, Academy of Realist Art)
  • Gabriella Christopher (Undergraduate Student, McMaster University)
  • Ben Lack (Undergraduate Student, University of Guelph)