Our laboratory is proud to be part of the Genetics & Genome Biology program at The Hospital for Sick Children (SickKids), and the Department of Molecular Genetics at the University of Toronto. We are located in the state-of-the-art Peter Gilgan Centre for Research & Learning in downtown Toronto.

Our research focuses on histones, histone chaperone proteins, and on the mechanisms of epigenetic inheritance: self-perpetuating changes on chromatin that influence gene expression independently of DNA sequence. This is primarily done through a combination of biochemical, biophysical, cell and molecular biology approaches. Our basic biology research is further complemented with close collaborations with clinical groups here at SickKids.


19-05-24 Haley Yun rejoins our team but as a grad student!  Having worked with us as an undergraduate co-op student, Haley will now be co-supervised by Dr. Cynthia Hawkins and us.

19-01-02 Congrats to Steph for defending her M.Sc. and now pursuying her Ph.D. with us!  Also, a warm welcome to the lab’s newest team members: Dr. Catherine Deane, Erum Dhanji and Shahir Morcos.

18-09-12 Congrats to Haley for landing an NSERC undergraduate research award!  Well done Haley!

18-08-28 We would like to extend a warm welcome to Haley Yun, an incoming coop student!

18-07-10 The Campos lab is now receiving funds from the Canadian Institutes of Health Research, for exciting collaborative work with Drs Peter Kannu, Philippe Campeau, and Hugo Wurtele.  Congrats to all!

18-07-10 Congrats to Will for successfully getting an Ontario Graduate Scholarship!  Good job!

18-06-22 The lab is now receiving funds from the Garron Family Cancer Centre.  A huge thanks to the GFCC!

18-05-23 Congrats to William Scott who successfully reclassified to the Ph.D. program; the lab’s first Ph.D. candidate!

18-01-12 Congratulations to Stephanie Tran for her Research Training Competition (Restracomp) Fellowship!  Good job Steph!

17-12-01 Nearly the entire lab presented at the 4th Canadian Conference on Epigenetics in Whistler. Congrats to Steph and Will for their U of T Travel Awards.

17-09-01 Jonathon Asa is the lab’s first graduate! Congrats Jonny! A manuscript on his work is soon to follow!

17-08-16 The lab is now receiving funds from the Cancer Research Society.  A huge thanks to the CRS!

17-04-05 Congrats to William for landing a CIHR graduate fellowship.  Well done!

17-01-03 The lab is growing. We welcome our newest members: William Scott & Stephanie Tran

16-07-11 Jonny has been awarded an Ontario Graduate Scholarship.  Congrats Jonny!

16-05-30 Dr. Prerna Grover (recent graduate from the University of Pittsburgh) will be joining our team as a postoctoral fellow in the fall. Looking forward to having you in the lab!

16-04-07 The lab is now receiving NSERC support.  A big ‘thanks’ to the Natural Sciences and Engineering Council of Canada!


Contact Information

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Fax: 416.813.4931
Email: eric.campos@sickkids.ca

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Eric I. Campos
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