Mouse lines

Our lab makes any published mouse lines that were established in our lab available to other research facilities. If you are interested in a particular strain, please send your request to Dr. Janet Rossant with a brief description of your research interests and the intended experiments using the mice. Many of our cryopreserved mouse lines are stored with the CMMR (Canadian Mouse Mutant Repository) of the TCP (Toronto Centre for Phenogenomics), and may be made available on a cost-recovery basis.

Embryo Shipments

Our facility has been successfully shipping  mice as blastocysts, rather than as live mice, for several years. This has proved a very successful and less expensive procedure:

  • cost of shipment
  • less waiting time
  • avoiding clean/dirty facility problems


Here are some of our basic lab protocols which can be downloaded as pdfs.

Reminder: There may be more recent updates at other sites.

  • iPSC – airway epithelial cells download
  • Derivation of XEN stem cells download
  • Derivation of Trophoblast stem cells download
  • XEN stem cell protocol download
  • Trophoblast stem cell protocol download

cDNA probes

We have a large stock of cDNA probes for in situ hybridization. If you are interested in a particular probe, feel free to contact us about availability. We will happily share these resources with our research groups. There are a wide range of protocols for in situs available for various tissue stages. Click here for a pdf download: