Welcome to the MBW online training page! The responsive and interactive e-learning platform will guide you through the different lessons within each module. The online training also adapts effortlessly to all devices (ie. phone, tablet, desktop). In addition, these online modules will be accessible for you to review at any time. If you run into any technical difficulties, please feel free to leave us a message at


The MBW Pre-Training module provides background information about the multiple breath nitrogen washout in preparation for the 1-day hands-on training session with the Exhalyzer® D held at The Hospital for Sick Children. All participants are encouraged to review the pre-training lessons to familiarize themselves with the MBW test and Exhalyzer® D equipment. After completing the lessons proceed to the pre-training quiz.

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The MBW Post-Training module includes two additional MBW lessons and should be completed after attending our one day hands on session. After reviewing the modules proceed to the Knowledge Test and Course Evaluation. On successful completion of the knowledge test, we will invite you to collect and submit practice traces towards your MBW operator qualification.

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Change your default Flash settings

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Change your default Shockwave Flash settings

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  5. Select Always Activate.
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