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Dr. Andrea Kassner’s lab uses quantitative MRI to interrogate the complex interplay between the various physiological parameters that maintain brain function. In particular, the Kassner lab is interested in the haemodynamic, metabolic, and structural mechanism of cerebrovascular diseases in children with sickle cell disease, stroke, diabetes, and sleep disorders. Dr. Kassner also investigates pre-clinical models of these diseases.

Together her research aims to understand disease mechanism and progression and investigate effective treatment strategies. The Kassner lab collaborates with researchers from multiple disciplines such as neurology, radiology, physiology, biophysics, engineering, hematology and respirology.

Andrea Kassner, PhD
Andrea Kassner, PhD
SickKids Hospital
Senior Scientist
Department of Translational Medicine

University of Toronto
Associate Professor & Co-Director of Research
Department of Medical Imaging

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Canada Research Chair

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