Danilo Shevkoplyas, B.Sc.
Research Technologist

Danilo graduated from the University of Manitoba with BSc. Honours in Genetics and minor in Chemistry in 2021. From his third year at the university until 2022, he was a member of a research laboratory in the Department of Biochemistry and Medical Genetics, Max Rady Faculty of Health Sciences, initially as an intern, and then as a full-time biological technician. Under the supervision of Dr. Mojgan Rastegar, he focused his research on in-silico and in-vivo analyses of molecular mechanisms and therapeutics of Rett Syndrome by using Western Blot, PCR, database mining, and statistical analysis. Since starting his career in Science, he has been provided with multiple undergraduate research awards, and also participated in and authored multiple publications relevant to Rett Syndrome. Now, Danilo is excited to join Dr. Justice Laboratory as a Research Technologist to further develop his research skills, and participate in the ongoing projects. In his free time, Danilo likes to walk, explore new places, cycle, work out, and spend time with family.